Tara Hanrahan


I first worked with Vanessa more than 10 years ago when she hired me as a Spa Manager for a resort spa. We have worked off and on since then – most recently for 4 years when she was my APAC reporting director. Vanessa has been a key stakeholder in my career development. As I moved into cluster then regional roles, she was instrumental in expanding my commercial knowledge and financial acumen, allowing me to progress confidently with a sound foundation. Her skill in developing and nurturing talent through coaching and acting as a role model is very inspiring.

Sarah Hollonds


Vanessa helped eforea: Spa at Hilton on the Park, Melbourne and myself as an individual grow amazingly over the past 2 years. Vanessa is not only an expert in the commercial development and operations of the spa industry but in my time working with Vanessa she was also an outstanding mentor. Vanessa is a true example of knowing what customer needs/focus in the spa industry. Some of the major areas Vanessa is a specialist in are yield management, spa development, pre-openings, developing well thought out marketing strategies to achieve strong commercial returns, brand consistency and integrity. Working with Vanessa at any opportunity is a privilege and I would highly recommend her to any business or individual who is looking for assistance to develop, grow and achieve goals.

Clare Matthews

I have had the pleasure of working with Vanessa over the past 6 years on many exciting, international spa and wellness projects.  Vanessa is the consummate professional when it comes to the hotel spa industry and business in general.  She is an industry knowledge expert and has an amazing ability to turn her ideas and vision into reality.  Vanessa is incredibly connected and respected around the world and has a black book of contacts you can’t jump over!! She is highly thought of and has earned this recognition through the high quality work she consistently produces. Working with Vanessa is always productive but we also have a lot of fun. I would highly recommend her.

Amanda Pike

Pike Withers undertook the creation of a global interior design concept for Conrad Hotels. This was a major International project delivered under the direction and guidance of Vanessa. Our success on the project was purely driven by her creativity and incredible inspiration. Her breadth of knowledge and understanding of the Spa industry was clearly the driving force behind this and other projects we have undertaken with her. Her briefing process is clear and concise, it’s always a pleasure to work with her and over the years we have developed a strong collaborative partnership based on trust and loyalty.